The Boss

Professor Christopher A. Schuh
Danae and Vasilios Salapatas Professor of Metallurgy
schuh at mit dot edu

1997 BS, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois
2001 PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University
2001 Ernest O. Lawrence Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Tianjiao Lei
tlei90 at mit dot edu

Education:2012 BE, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing

2014 MS, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

2019 PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Research Interests:
grain boundary engineering, deformation mechanisms, and microstructural characterization.

Dr. Yang Liu
yangliux at mit dot edu

Education:2014 B.Eng, Mechanical Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, China

2017 M.Eng, Mechanical Engineering, Hunan University, China

2022 PhD, Production and Materials Engineering, Lund University, Sweden

Research Interests:
Laser-induced particle impact,  Mechanical properties of materials, Manufacturing process, Surface integrity

Dr. Suhas Eswarappa Prameela
suhasep at mit dot edu

Education:2014 BE, Mechanical Engineering, Visvesvaraya Technological University, India

2016 MS, Material Science and Engineering, Arizona State University, USA

2022 PhD, Material Science and Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Research Interests:
Environmental Laser-induced particle impact for designing rocket engine materials

Dr. Owen Rettenmaier
owenrett at mit dot edu

2016 BSc, Trinity University, Engineering Science and Physics

2022 PhD, Materials Science and Engineering , North Carolina State University

Research Interests:

Martensitic Transformation, Shape Memory Ceramics, Machine Learning Inter-Atomic Potentials

Dr. Hande Ozcan
hozcan at mit dot edu

2010 BS, Mechanical Engineering, Hacettepe University, Turkey
2012 MSc, Mechanical Engineering, Hacettepe University, Turkey
2020 PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University

Research Interests:
Martensitic transformation, shape memory ceramics, shape memory alloys

Dr. Muhammad Shehryar Khan
mskhan at mit dot edu

2018 BASc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo
2023 PhD, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo
2023 Banting Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests:
Laser-induced microparticle testing for dissimilar joining applications, high-strain deformation mechanisms, microstructural characterization, materials processing and surface modification

Dr. Nutth Tuchinda
nutthtu at mit dot edu

2018 BEng, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Chulalongkorn University

2023 PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests:
Nanocrystalline alloys, grain boundary segregation

Dr. Changle Li
changle5 at mit dot edu

2015 BE, Metallurgical Engineering, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, China
2018 ME, Metallurgical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
2023 PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Research Interests:
Grain Boundary and Phase Interface Properties, Multicomponent Complex Alloy Design

Graduate Students

Aayushi Chauhan
aayushic at mit dot edu

Education:2022 BTech, Materials Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Research Interests:Random Architectured Materials

Eliana Feygin
efeygin at mit dot edu

2021 BSc Honours, Materials and Nanosciences, University of Waterloo, Canada

Research Interests:
Mechanical behavior of materials, shape memory materials, grain boundary engineering

Jacob Mack
jacob800 at mit dot edu

2022 BS, Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University

Research Interests:
Shape Memory Ceramics, Martensitic Transformations

Tyler Lucas
tlucas at mit dot edu

2020 BS, Materials Science & Engineering, Purdue University

Research Interests:
Laser induced particle impact, mechanical behavior of materials, hydrocode simulations

Thomas Matson
tmatson at mit dot edu

2019 BS, Materials Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Research Interests:
Discovery and design of stable nanocrystalline alloys

Hyein Na
hina at mit dot edu

2018, BS, Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University
2021, MS, Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University

Research Interests:
Laser-induced particle impact, mechanical behavior of materials, microstructure design and characterization

Yannick Naunheim
naunheim at mit dot edu

2014 International Diploma, Materials Science and Engineering, Imperial College London, UK
2015 BS, Industrial Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
2018 MSc, Materials Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Research Interests:
Mechanical properties of nanocrystalline materials

Daniel Ng
danielng at mit dot edu

2019 BS, Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University

Research Interests:
Nanocrystalline alloy synthesis and characterization

Ian Dowding
dowding at mit dot edu


2019 BS, Materials Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University

2021 MS, Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Interests:

Laser-induced particle impact, mechanical behavior of materials

Veera Panova
vpanova at mit dot edu


2020 BS, Chemistry, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Research Interests:Laser-induced particle impact, cold spray, microstructure design and characterization

Past Members

Visiting Scientists

Dr. Hyelim Choi, Kookmin University, South Korea, 2018
Hirotaka Matsunaga, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Japan, 2018
Dr. Eric Dahlgren, Braidy Industries, 2017
Yuki Ito, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Japan, 2017
Hiroyuki Mori, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Japan, 2016
Josef Hazi, Oxford University, 2015
Narin Jantaping, 2015
Dr. Hyon-Jee Lee Voigt, 2014
S. Mostafa Hassani-Gangaraj, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, 2013
Dr. Masato Ito, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, 2013
Xiaomei Zeng, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, 2013
Professor Dongyang Li, University of Alberta, Canada, 2011
Dr. Takuya Maekawa, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Japan, 2011
Professor Rafael A. Mesquita, University Nove de Julho, Brazil, 2011
Dr. Hidetoshi Somekawa, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan, 2011
Dr. Makoto Igarashi, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Japan, 2010
Professor David Rodney, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France, 2009
Dr. Kenichi Yaguchi, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Japan, 2009
Dr. Koichi Kita, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Japan, 2008
Dr. Claudio Morales, Tenaris Center for Industrial Research, 2007
Dr. Hani Ahmed, Visiting Scientist, Egypt, 2006
Dr. Marcel Gines, Centre for Industrial Research, 2006
Professor Jose San Juan, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain, 2006
Professor Hong Liang, Texas A&M University, 2005
Dr. Soeren Mueller, Visiting PhD Student, 2004
Dr. Olufemi Olowolafe, University of Maryland, 2004

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Alain Reiser, 2023
Dr. Malik Wagih, 2023
Dr. Ahmed Alade Tiamiyu, 2021
Dr. Alice Perrin, 2021
Dr. Ievgeniia Chaban, 2021
Dr. Dor Amram, 2019
Dr. Won Seok Choi, 2019
Dr. Thomas J. Hardin, 2019
Dr. Alan Lai, 2019
Dr. Mostafa Hassani-Gangaraj, 2018
Dr. Kathrin Graetz, 2017
Dr. Peter Larsen, 2017
Dr. Zengbao Jiao, 2016
Dr. Matteo Seita, 2016
Dr. Nihan Tuncer, 2016
Dr. Jordina Fornell Beringues, 2015
Dr. Tongjai Chookajorn, 2015
Dr. Hang Yu, 2015
Dr. Ki Sub Cho, 2014
Dr. Hun Kee Lee, 2013
Dr. Lin Li, 2013
Dr. Wenjun Cai, 2012
Dr. Srikant Gollapardi, 2012
Dr. Chuang Deng, 2011
Dr. Oliver Franke, 2009
Dr. Naser Alaqeeli, 2008
Dr. Jonathan Trenkle, 2008
Dr. Pablo Castro, 2006
Dr. Alan Lund, 2006

Graduate Students

Dr. Nutth Tuchinda, PhD, 2023
Polycrystalline Grain Boundary Solute Segregation at Finite Sizes and Temperatures

Serita Sultzman, S.M., 2023
Processing and Thermal Stability of Nanocrystalline Ag-Cu Alloys

Dr. Malik Wagih, PhD, 2022
The Spectral Model of Grain Boundary Solute Segregation

Dr. Christian Oliver, PhD, 2022
Understanding and optimizing nanophase separation sintering

Dr. Jasper Lienhard, PhD, 2022
High-velocity impact of metal microparticles

Dr. Isabel Crystal, PhD, 2021
Size effects in shape memory ceramics

Dr. Edward Pang, PhD, 2021
Towards crack-resistant polycrystalline zirconia shape-memory ceramics with low hysteresis

Dr. Yuchen Sun, PhD, 2021
High-velocity microparticle impact for analytical modeling of high-strain-rate mechanics and material behavior

Victor Kenneth Champagne, S.M., 2019
Energy Dissipation in Shape Memory Zirconia Particles, Packings, and Composites

Katherine Stone, S.M., 2019
Effects of an electric current applied to metals during solidification

Dr. Thomas J. Hardin, PhD, 2018
Kinetic metallic glass evolution model

Ashley Hartwell, S.M., 2018
Shape memory alloys for small scale actuation

Dr. Arvind Kalidindi, PhD, 2018
An alloy selection and processing framework for nanocrystalline materials

Dr. Wenting Xing, PhD, 2018
Design of Stable Nanostructure Configurations in Ternary Alloys

Dr. Kathleen Carmody Alexander, PhD, 2016
An Off-Lattice Kinetic Monte Carlo Method for the Investigation of Grain Boundary Kinetic Processes

Sabrina Ball, MS, 2016
Stress Effects on Atomistic Kinetic Transitions

Dr. Michael Gibson, PhD, 2016
Segregation and Embrittlement in Metallic Interfaces: Bounds, Models, and Trends

Dr. Ting-Yun Huang, PhD, 2016
Stability of Nanostructured/Amorphous Aluminum-Manganese Alloys

Dr. Alan Lai, PhD, 2016
Shape Memory Ceramics in Small Volumes: 2016 Best PhD Thesis Award

Xueying Zhao, MS, 2016
Shape Memory Zirconia Foams Through Ice Templating

Dr. Zachary Cordero, PhD, 2015
Microstructure Design of Mechanically Alloyed Materials

Dr. Samuel Cross, PhD, 2015
Computational Design of Multilayer Coatings for Galvanic Protection of Steel

Dr. Oliver Kent Johnson, PhD, 2015
Grain Boundary Network Design

Dr. Mansoo Park, PhD, 2015
Design of Bulk Nanocrystalline Tungsten Alloys via Nano-Phase Separation Sintering

Dr. Samuel Arthur Humphry-Baker, PhD, 2014
Controlling Microstructure of Nanocrystalline Thermoelectrics Through Powder Processing

Daniel Peykov, MS, 2014
Stability of Photonic Crystals

Dr. Tongjai Chookajorn, PhD, 2013
Enhancing Stability of Powder-Route Nanocrystalline Tungsten-Titanium via Alloy Thermodynamics: 2014 Best PhD Thesis Award

Dr. Heather Murdoch, PhD, 2013
Design of a Stable Nanocrystalline Alloy

Dr. Stian Ueland, PhD, 2013
Grain Constraint and Size Effects in Shape Memory Alloy Microwires

Eric Szablinski, MS, 2012
A Systematic Study of the Taylor Method for Production of Cu-based Shape Memory Alloy Microwires

Dr. Srikanth Patala, PhD, 2011
Topological Analysis of the Grain Boundary Space: 2011 Outstanding PhD Thesis Award

Dr. Timothy Rupert, PhD, 2011
Nanocrystalline Alloys: Enhanced Strengthening Mechanisms and Mechanically-Driven Structural Evolution

Dr. Aparna Singh, PhD, 2011
Effect of Nano-Scale Twinning on the Fracture, Fatigue and Wear Properties of Copper

Tiffany Ziebell, MS, 2011
Residual Stress in Nanocrystalline Nickel Tungsten Electrodeposits

Dr. David Fischer, PhD, 2010
Silicon-Rich Alloys for Structural Applications

Dr. Eric Homer, PhD, 2010
Modeling the Mechanical Behavior of Amorphous Metals by Shear Transformation Zone Dynamics: 2010 Outstanding PhD Thesis Award

Dr. Shiyun Ruan, PhD, 2010
Hard and Tough Electrodeposited Al-Mn Alloys with Tailored Nanostructures

Dr. Jeremy Mason, PhD, 2009
Analysis of Crystallographic Texture Information by the Hyperspherical Harmonic Expansion: 2009 Outstanding PhD Thesis Award

Dr. Ying Chen, PhD, 2008
Percolation and Homogenization Theories for Heterogeneous Materials

Wang S. Lei, MS, 2008
Potential applications of a toughened silicon-based alloy

Dr. Corinne Packard, PhD, 2008
Nanomechanical Studies of Metallic Glasses at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures

Dr. Jason Trelewicz, PhD, 2008
Nanostructure Stabilization and Mechanical Behavior of Binary Nanocrystalline Alloys

Dr. Andrew Detor, PhD, 2007
Grain Size Control and Microstructural Evolution in Nanocrystalline Ni-W Alloys

Dr. Xiaoling Fu, PhD, 2007
Mechanical Behavior of Bulk Metallic Glass and its Composites

Dr. Yuttanant Boonyongmaneerat, PhD, 2006
Sintering and Joining of Low Temperature Co-Fired Tungsten and Aluminum Oxide

Dr. Megan Frary, PhD, 2005
Crystallographically Consistent Percolation Theory for Grain Boundary Networks

Jeff Zelinski, MEng, 2005
An evaluation of grain boundary engineering technology and processing scale-up

Bruce Y.C. Wu, MS, 2004
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline alloys in the binary Ni-Co system

Manish Deopura, MS, 2003
Processing, Optical Characterization and Nanomechanical Characterization of Tin-Sulfide-Silica Multilayer Structure

Undergraduate Students

Kerri Shukla, Senior Thesis, 2015
The Effect of Annealing on the Microstructure of Cu-Al-Ni-Mn Shape Memory Alloy Microwires

Mac Gager, Senior Thesis, 2014
Cu-based Shape Memory Microwires: Towards Complex Structures

Amanda Olender, Senior Thesis, 2013
Strain Rate Effects on the Behavior of Shape Memory Alloys

Daniel Sauza, Senior Thesis, 2011
Interfacial Characterization of Electrodeposited Nanocrystalline Ni-W Films

Alison Engwall, Senior Thesis, 2009
Atomistic Computer Simulation Analysis of Nanocrystalline Nickel-Tungsten Alloys

Lisa Marie Witmer, Senior Thesis, 2007
An investigation of fatigue in an Fe-based metallic glass by nanoindentation

Vinay Rodrigues, Senior Thesis, 2006
Triple junctions and low angle boundaries

Isaac Benjamin Feitler, Senior Thesis, 2005
Evolution of microstructure and crystalline texture in aluminum sheet metal subjected to high strain rate biaxial deformation

Donald R. Jenket, Senior Thesis, 2005
Electrodeposition of amorphous matrix Ni-W/Wp composites

Jeremy Kyle Mason, Senior Thesis, 2005
Statistical physics of dislocation nucleation by nanoindentation

Christopher Ng, Senior Thesis, 2005
Determination of special boundary coordination at quadruple nodes using EBSD

David Taylor Schoen, Senior Thesis, 2005
Hardness variation and cyclic crystalline-amorphous phase transformation in CuZr alloy during ball milling