A challenge to the sintering of nanocrystalline metals

Nanocrystalline metals are highly defected structures that accelerate sintering. We study the kinetic competition between low-temperature densification and organic removal and develop a grain size dependent map, which allows to predict the sintering behavior of a broad range of materials.

TMS 2023: Schuh Group’s Talks

Schuh group will give talks at TMS 2023. Save the dates below! (sorted by date) Submicron intermetallic particle heterogeneity controls shear localization in high-strength nanostructured Al alloys, Tianjiao Lei; Esther C. Hessong; Jungho Shin; Daniel S. Gianola; Timothy J. Rupert:

Spectrum of Grain Boundary Segregation Entropy

Grain boundaries contain a broad range of segregation sites. We have estimated distributions of grain boundary segregation entropy, and found a correlation between site-wise segregation energy and entropy. The spectra along with a spectral thermodynamic model shall provide an insight

MRS Fall 2022 Talks from Schuh Group

Check out our talks at MRS Fall 2022! (sorted by date) Malik Wagih: 9:45 AM, Tuesday Morning, November 29, 2022, Sheraton 3rd floor Berkeley, SF04.01.04 Towards Quantum-Accurate Modeling of Polycrystalline Grain Boundary Environments Yannick Naunheim: 3:45 PM, Tuesday Afternoon, November