A challenge to the sintering of nanocrystalline metals

Nanocrystalline metals are highly defected structures that accelerate sintering. We study the kinetic competition between low-temperature densification and organic removal and develop a grain size dependent map, which allows to predict the sintering behavior of a broad range of materials.

Spectrum of Grain Boundary Segregation Entropy

Grain boundaries contain a broad range of segregation sites. We have estimated distributions of grain boundary segregation entropy, and found a correlation between site-wise segregation energy and entropy. The spectra along with a spectral thermodynamic model shall provide an insight

Mo-Cr Nanophase Separation Sintering

Mo-Cr system shows promising properties for high temperature applications. Check out how nanophase separation accelerates sintering in Mo-Cr system on Materialia!

Solute segregation at nanocrystalline grain sizes

Understanding solute segregation as a function of grain size is important to the design of nanocrystalline alloys. Check out our new paper on how grain size and triple junctions influence grain boundary solute segregation at the nanocrystalline limit on Acta